Privacy is a concern for all who have to disclose personal information to certain people. We understand this and take necessary measure to keep data of our members secure. We are discreet and never expose anyone’s information on the internet or to a third party. Maharshi Institute of Science is committed to protect the interest of all of our members so that everyone feels protected sharing their info with our organization.

Collecting information
We do collect a certain amount of information from our students which are necessary for keeping records. We receive the information which scholars voluntarily provides us and store it securely if it is further needed to contact a person or so.

We do not share such sensitive data with third parties other than the people who handle our website for conducting business, handling visitors and clients. However, we do keep a check to ensure that no one’s data is used unwisely by any individual.

Information which you require providing us are your personal data and contact details. Such info is used for processing transactions and verifying it, sending newsletters and emails related to a course and overall improve our services. Your payment information is not stored or maintained by us.

Other involuntary information collection
We do record certain involuntary information that is related to a person using our website. In this area, we do keep a track of searches an individual undertakes, pages opened or viewed, type of browser, requested URL, IP address, timestamp information, referring URL, etc.

The reason for us collecting this data is to administer our website adequately which in turn assists in providing the best services to people. Apart from it, this information is used for performing an aggregate statistical analysis which helps us in understanding user characteristics and behavior. This aids in measuring interest of people as well as understanding our website most used areas.

Security measures
We have placed several security measures to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands. We ensure that no member's data is misplaced, misuse, disclosed or can be accessed. However, no data exchange over internet is 100% secure. We take every precaution the law mentions to keep the data from every unauthorized access. But by visiting our website and more, you accept that the voluntary, as well as involuntary information you shared with our organization might be tampered or accessed by third party.
You need to understand that it is not possible for us to provide you 100% guarantee of keeping your data safe from every threat. Also, we are not liable if something like this happens and you will release us from any claims if such a situation arises.

All we would like to say is, we don’t share data with anyone and we take great measures to protect your info as well as our company’s reputation.